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As the global economy continually grows and matures, businesses expand and competition increases. We all acknowledge the fact that a lot of changes have occurred in the past several years, and we continue to anticipate, both good and bad events. In view of the rapid development, where does your business stand in this highly competitive economy?
One of the major trends that present a practical solution is outsourcing services to cut down on overhead costs. SimplySoft has earned an impeccable reputation of being one of the outsourcing companies in Nepal.

Types of Service-Outsourcing

  Technology Services:

  •   Web Hosting Service
  •   Website Design and Development & Maintenance
  •   Ecommerce: B2B, B2C and C2B Infrastructure
  •   Web Security and Solutions
  •   Multi-user Environment

Business Process

  Different Types

If you are seriously contemplating on outsourcing a part of your services, you first need to take into account what are the main reasons why you would want to contemplate into such venture in the first place. Here are some of the common reasons:

  •   Cut down overhead costs
  •   More effective productibility & Profitability
  •   Better quality of Services at cheaper rates
  •   Maximize Uptime
  •   Faster Development & Startup
  •   Gain Competitive Advantage
  •   Concentrate on Company's core competencies
  •   Increase Reliability & Security

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